Jon Jones

Trainer Single

After having my first boxing fight at the age of 17, I quickly fell in love with the sport. I have competed at a good level, boxing in competitions and shows all over the country.

I feel having this background has given me a head start in my personal training career. After gaining my Diploma in Personal Training, I have quickly developed a good niche in boxing coaching and strength & conditioning for boxers and competitive fighters.

I now work with various top professional boxers, who are working their way up the lader in the British Boxing scene. I also work with Thai boxers and cage fighters, who have their own individual goals. I adapt my training methods to cater for their sport. I am Professional Seconds Trainer and can second corner any professional boxer in the UK.

I adopt the attitude 'practice what you preach', and I am constantly training and setting myself new goals. A recent goal of mine was to compete in a men's physique competition and to show my clients that anything is possible and to embrace new challenges. I competed in a UKBFF qualifiying event and stood on stage with some of the best physiques in Great Britain.

Being so passionate about my job, I go the extra mile for all of my clients. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my clients accomplish their goals and achieving great success in their profession.

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